Fernando Nunez

Full-Stack Software Engineer

A day away from the terminal is a day wasted.

I currently work at Wayfair as a Full-Stack Software Engineer.



A music sharing site heavily inspired by Bandcamp. The frontend is built with Javascript using React and Redux. The backend uses Ruby on Rails and a PostgreSQL database. The content is hosted on Amazon Web Services.


An interactive scrabble-esque game inspired by Wordscapes. Built in Javascript with JQuery.


A Chrome and Firefox extension for new tabs that serves as startpage with a pseudo-terminal to execute custom commands for navigating frequently used sites. Initially created for my personal use and hosted remotely, this is currently being converted to a browser extension that can be user customized and extended.

  • Languages

  • javascript

  • ruby

  • java

  • php

  • c

  • html5

  • css3

  • sql

  • asm x86

  • Frameworks & Technologies

  • rails

  • react

  • docker

  • redux

  • nodejs

  • aws

  • postgresql

  • android

  • jquery

  • apache

  • tomcat

  • mysql

  • heroku

  • gradle

  • git

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